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If you have lost multiple teeth, our experienced dentists may recommend replacing them with multiple dental implants, such as an implant-supported bridge or denture. During your initial consultation, we will carefully evaluate your teeth and mouth to determine which type of implant will provide you with the best results. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Ryan Simarro or Dr. Nathan Simarro and learn more about multiple dental implants in Antioch, California, call Simarro Brothers Dental Care today at (925) 723-9090.

Implant-supported bridges and implant-supported dentures are highly stable and long-lasting solutions for replacing multiple missing teeth. Both of these implant restorations are similar in appearance to more traditional bridges and dentures. However, they are anchored by dental implants to help ensure better long-term results for your smile, oral health and oral function.

In the case of an implant-supported bridge, our dentists will place an implant post for each missing tooth before connecting the implant crowns so that they form one piece atop the implant posts. This option is typically recommended when there is concern that you may put too much pressure on individual, unconnected implants, increasing the chances that the individual implants will fail. An implant-supported bridge spreads this pressure across the entire bridge so that your prosthetic teeth remain firmly anchored in your jawbone.

Implant-supported dentures are typically recommended to replace entire arches of teeth. Using just a few strategically placed implants, a complete or partial denture can be placed and firmly anchored to your upper or lower jaw, restoring your smile and your ability to eat and speak confidently. Most implant-supported dentures require four to six implants per denture.

For more information about multiple-tooth dental implants and to set up an appointment with our dentists, contact our office today.