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Tooth loss affects how you look and how you eat. It also puts your oral (and overall) health at risk. Losing permanent teeth alters your bite and causes excessive wear and tear to the remaining teeth. It weakens tooth support, triggers jawbone loss, and increases the risk of developing cavities and gum disease. 

Simarro Brothers Dental Care can resolve these and other health issues caused by the loss of natural teeth. Restorative treatments at our Antioch, California office include the use of dental implants. Implant-supported prosthetic teeth may be appropriate for patients missing one or a few teeth. Implants may be placed to stabilize individual prosthetic teeth. Or, for those missing several or all of their teeth, an implant-retained bridge or denture may be in their future. 

Implants: Restorative Properties

Implants are designed to replace natural tooth roots. So, implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures function very much like natural teeth. Unlike ill-fitting dentures that can slip around in your mouth, implants keep your prosthetics firmly in place at all times. You can talk, eat, and laugh to your heart’s content without worrying about “losing” your teeth! Drs. Nathan Simarro and Ryan Simarro customize your prosthetic teeth to ensure they fit comfortably, function properly, and have a pleasing appearance. 

Dental implants restore and preserve your health and well-being by: 

  • Preventing the “drift” associated with remaining teeth, as they tend to shift toward the space
  • Protecting your “bite,” or how the opposing upper and lower teeth in the jaws come together when you close your mouth
  • Reducing wear and tear to existing teeth caused by the above adverse processes
  • Stimulating bone growth 
  • Supporting the health and density of your jaws and face 
  • Reducing your risk of decay, tooth infections, and gum disease
  • Preventing gum recession 
  • Strengthening tooth support to avoid the loss of additional teeth

The Process

One of the talented Simarro brothers will need to determine if you are well-suited to implants or another restorative treatment available at our practice. To complete your smile and restore your oral health and quality of life, we:

  • Start with taking a 3-D scan – These advanced diagnostics help us to determine if sufficient bone is present to place the implant. Patients must also meet medical criteria, which support predictable and successful outcomes from treatment. 
  • Plan your one-of-a-kind treatment – The above scan will accompany a one-on-one consultation with Drs. Simarro. 
  • Place your implants – Each implant is placed according to your custom treatment plan. Most procedures require less than an hour and may be performed with a standard, localized anesthetic (to numb the teeth so that you won’t feel anything!).
  • Allow the treatment site to heal – Implants are made from biocompatible materials. They are designed to “get along well” with surrounding living tissues and to integrate with the rest of the bone in the jaw. This process can take around four to six months. It is essential for the implant to heal properly (with the bone growing into the implant) as a suitable foundation for the implant crown.
  • Restore the implant – This is simply our way of saying that the restoration is attached to the implant. To replace one tooth this is generally done with a dental crown. Typically, this step involves using a small attachment piece (or “abutment”), which connects the implant stabilized in the jawbone to the prosthetic tooth.
  • Work with you to keep your new tooth healthy and looking great! – We will go over care and maintenance needs. Generally, implant-retained teeth should be cared for like natural teeth, with consistent oral care at home and professional preventative services at our office in Antioch, California.

With good care, your implant-retained teeth can last a lifetime! Call (925) 723-9090 to schedule your implant consultation at Simarro Brothers Dental Care today.