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Key Facts You Should Know About Tooth Extraction

A toothache isn’t a good enough reason to remove a tooth. Pain indicates something is wrong, and you need dental treatment. That treatment, however, isn’t necessarily extraction. At Simarro Brothers Dental Care, Antioch, California, we’ll evaluate your tooth, pinpoint the cause of your pain, and recommend the appropriate treatment. If your tooth can be saved, Dr. Nathan Simarro and Dr. Ryan Simarro will make every effort to repair the damage and restore your tooth’s usefulness. Sometimes, tooth removal is necessary to protect healthy teeth and restore your oral health

When Should a Tooth be Extracted?

Some situations warrant tooth extraction. Here are a few:

  • A tooth has been irreparably damaged by infection, decay, dental trauma, or periodontal disease
  • Your pain continues after receiving a crown, dental filling, or root canal treatment
  • A tooth has no space to come in 
  • A tooth poses a risk of damage to other teeth 
  • A wisdom tooth is impacted
  • You need space to complete orthodontic treatment

Facts You Should Know About Tooth Extraction 

There are basically two kinds of extraction: simple extraction and surgical extraction. Simple extractions are performed when your tooth is fully emerged. Surgical extractions are done when the tooth is impacted. 

Our dentist will numb your tooth before performing an extraction to ensure you feel no pain during treatment. We also offer sedation options to relieve anxiety or fear.

For simple extractions, Drs. Nathan or Ryan Simarro may use an elevator or forceps to loosen and remove your tooth. For a surgical extraction, we’ll make an incision in your gum and remove bone tissue blocking your tooth so we can gain access and remove it. Afterward, we’ll stitch the incision to help it heal. 

We’ll give you detailed instructions on caring for the socket after extraction. You may need to take pain medication or an antibiotic to prevent infection. A blood clot should form in the area where the tooth was removed to help expedite your healing. 

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